Why use a recruitment agency to find an accounting job?

Using a recruitment agency like Glide Recruitment is one of the best ways to look for a new accounting or finance job.

We have access to jobs you might not be able to find advertised on the open market

Jobs are often so time-sensitive that employers fill them before they are even posted – increasing your chances of gaining employment.

If you use a recruitment agency, you can save time

We can fast-track the process of finding a job by vetting opportunities and matching you with a role that fits your skills.

We are a specialist recruitment agency

We know what is happening in the marketplace – who is hiring, what projects are coming up.

Our connections get you further

With our connections with key players in your field, we can get you further in the door than a speculative resume

We can help you consider your options

Looking for a change in direction? With your permission, your resume will be submitted to a range of jobs including some that you might not have considered.

We can advise on whether you are ready for a senior role, provide tips on how to ensure your skills are up to par and help you advance your career.

Our experts can provide resume advice

We can provide you with suggestions on how to emphasise you resume and any key elements you wish to highlight – feel free to ask for our advice or help.

A better quality of service

As a smaller recruitment agency, we offer a more personal and better quality of service than larger chains, but the quality and number of roles we handle are comparable.

We genuinely care

We will remain in regular contact with you – we are genuinely interested in your career and your development as a professional.

So whether you’re currently job searching or may need help later on to secure a new role, use a recruitment agency and get in touch.