Targeted accounting recruitment using job briefs

Many organisations find it difficult to attract and select the right accounting and finance staff. It helps to focus on what you need before you start the recruitment process. Addressing the following points can help develop a robust accounting job brief.

Remember to state what you don’t want – this can be as important as what you do want.

The role

  • Type of role (ie full time, part time, permanent or contract)
  • Reporting line
  • Place in context of the wider organisation
  • Salary range and package (and other benefits if applicable)
  • Purpose of the role
  • Key responsibilities
  • Line management duties (if applicable)
  • Training and development opportunites
  • Travel requirements (if applicable)

The person

  • Required skills, experience and qualifications
  • Desired skills, experience and qualifications
  • Type of person who will be successful in the role and why

Your organisation

  • History, mission, vision and values
  • Company performance
  • Competitors
  • Challenges
  • What makes it a great place to work

The recruitment process

  • Testing involved in the interview process (if applicable)
  • Availability for interviews
  • Number of interview stages required
  • Date successful candidate will be required to start

Submit an accounting job brief

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Once we receive your accounting job brief, we will contact you to discuss a customised recruitment solution that suits your needs.

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